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Tanzania School of Internet Governance
Tanzania School of Internet Governance (TzSIG) is on its third year in 2018. The very successful inaugural school was held
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Global IGF Thematic Areas 2020

The Global IGF thematic areas are Data, Environment, Inclusion, and Trust. However, our national general theme and presentations will revolve around these main themes but integrating in them our local Internet Governance issues.

The TzIGF 2020

Unlike last year’s event that was held in Arusha, the 2020 will go virtual! It was decided back in April that due to COVID-19 situation the should virtual on zoom meeting platform from 22nd to 23rd October 2020.

About Tanzania IGF

Tanzania Internet Governance Forum (TzIGF) is a multistakeholder platform for policy dialogue on Internet. The annual event brings together stakeholders from the civil society, government, private sector, the academia and the technical community. This is a knowledge sharing platform that informs and inspires policy actors in both the public and private sectors


Tanzania IGF 2019
Call for Volunteeers for the 2019 Tanzania IGF MAG
Call for volunteers for 2019 TzSIG steering committee
Tanzania School of Internet Governance